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CHRLX Beauty is a boutique beauty division of CHRLX; a collective of artists that understand the specific language of beauty with the power of CHRLX's VFX and 3D teams behind them. Our team has created commercials for brands like Revlon, Covergirl, Clairol, David Yurman and Rimmel, and award winning fashion films like Charlie Wan's 'Bloom.' Our objective is to seamlessly meld beautiful photography, impeccable retouch, outstanding photo-real CG and inventive design and animation in a way that is singularly beautiful.


CHRLX Beauty
Corey Budro, Executive Producer
2 W 45th St. Floor 7
New York, NY 10036

East Coast Representation
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Andy Arkin
Marci Selsberg
Monica Johnson

Arthur Valverde

Work Samples:
Arthur Valverde, Director

Splitting his time between New York and Paris, Arthur understands the impermanence of beauty and has spent his career trying to capture the essence of that fleeting moment. Whether in the movement of the body, the detail of a flower petal or a single drop of water, he captivates his viewers with every poetic shot. His detail-focused work in live-action and table-top photography is a perfect fit with the CHRLX Beauty Collective.

Matt Wilson

Work Samples:
Matt Wilson, CG Creative Director

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Matt's credentials range from retouching and photo-illustration work to high-end 3D design for brands like Chanel and Nike. In addition he has accumulated a wide array of feature film credits. Matt's long-standing passion for fashion photography and his sharp aesthetics for 3D design make him a perfect addition to the CHRLX Beauty team and its continued goal of bringing these worlds together.

Corey Budro

Work Samples:
Corey Budro, Executive Producer

With years of experience in post-production, Corey has produced a myriad of 3D and VFX commercials. In 2011 he helped launch CHRLX Beauty with the goal of bringing together like-minded artists and directors passionate about beauty and fashion. As the executive producer of CHRLX Beauty, Corey has produced jobs for Revlon, Covergirl, Clairol and Rimmel, among others.

CHRLX Beauty
2 W. 45th St. Floor 7
New York, NY 10036
T. 212.719.4600
F. 212.840.2747
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